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      4. Major Resolutions Of Board Meetings

        Select Year:

        14 Mar. 2019

        Approved the appropriated remuneration of employees and directors in 2018
        Approved 2018 business report and financial statements
        Approved earnings distribution of year 2018
        Approved to issue corporate bond under the limit of NT$15,000 millions
        Approved the amendment to the “Regulations Governing the Acquisition and Disposal of Assets”
        Approved the amendment to the Company’s Article of Incorporation
        Approved to hold the election for the fifth session of Boards of Directors (including independent directors) of the Company
        Approved the list of nominated candidates for Boards of Directors (including independent directors)
        Approved the proposal for releasing the prohibition on directors from participating in competitive business
        Approved the evaluation report for the independence of external Auditor
        Approved the scheduling of 2019 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
        Approved Pegatron’s Internal Control System Statement of 2018
        Approved the amendment to the Company’s internal control system and internal audit implementation rules

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