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      4. Investors FAQs

        What is the CUSIP number for Pegatron corp.’s common stock?

        In the Taiwan Stock Exchange:
        CUSIP Number: 4938
        (Reuters 4938.TW)
        (Bloomberg 4938.TT)

        What is the par value of each Pegatron corp. common share?

        The par value is NT$10 per common share.

        How many employees does Pegatron Group have globally?

        Please refer to our latest financial report for the total number of employees of Pegatron Group.

        What is Pegatron 's dividend history?

        Please go to Dividend History.

        What is Pegatron's dividend policy?

        Under Pegatron's Articles of Incorporation, dividend payments will be subject to approval by the shareholders at the Company's Annual General Meetings. Pegatron is targeting a dividend payout ratio of 50%~60%. However, if the Company does not have any earnings, no dividend or profit may be distributed.

        How can I obtain the latest quarterly earnings information?

        Please go to Financial Reports.

        When are Pegatron's financial results announced?

        Pegatron's quarterly financial results are approved by the meetings of the board of directors. They are released to the public in May for Q1, August for Q2,November for Q3 and March of the following year for Q4 results. Pegatron 's monthly sales numbers are usually announced by around the 10th of the following month.

        What is Pegatron’s fiscal year?

        The fiscal year ends on December 31.

        When do Pegatron's fiscal quarters begin and end?

        First quarter (Q1): January 1 ~ March 31
        Second quarter (Q2): April 1 ~ June 30
        Third quarter (Q3): July 1 ~ September 30
        Fourth quarter (Q4): October 1 ~ December 31

        Who is Pegatron's independent accounting auditor?


        Who may I contact for questions related to Pegatron's financial status?

        For investors or analysts:
        Ms. Ming-Chun Tsai
        Deputy Director, Corporate Information
        Pegatron Corporation

        For shareholders:
        Registrar; Transfer Agency Department of 
        KGI Securities Co. LTD.
        5F., No.2, Sec. 1, Chongqing S. Rd.,
        Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei 100, Taiwan
        E-mail: agency@notes.gcsc.com.tw
        Tel: +886 2 23892999
        Fax: +886 2 23896042

        What date did Pegatron Corporation's GDR list on? Where did Pegatron Corporation's GDR list at?

        Pegatron Corporation's GDR has listed at Bourse de Luxembourg on August 30, 2010.

        How many units did Pegatron Corporation's GDR be issued? How many Pegatron Corporation's original stocks does one unit of Pegatron Corporation's GDR commend?

        12,163,804 units of Pegatron Corporation's GDR were issued. Each unit of Pegatron Corporation's GDR commends 5 shares of Pegatron Corporation's original stocks.

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