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      4. Product & Service

        The energy of innovation and transformation guides us to foster competitiveness for our clients through different aspects.


        Supply chain management

        Integrate upstream/downstream partners and information in order to ensure prompt material delivery. Accelerate company management and operating performance using the product management system in order to satisfy the customers’ demand in production capacity, quality, and delivery date.

        Automation and smartization

        Dedicated to enhancing production process automation and the application of AI. Create a versatile smart production approach through system integration and establishment of information network in order to offer customers reliable, high efficiency, and high quality products.

        Flexible production capability

        Able to provide fast, accurate, diverse and flexible production in small quantities to cater to the customers’ needs. Able to quickly replicate successful experiences from the demonstration production line in order to fulfill the customers’ demands in expanding production capacity and delivery.

        Quality management

        An effective quality management system is applied to supplier management, incoming quality control, production quality control, reliability testing and final quality control system to serve as production guarantee. Real-time monitoring is implemented throughout the production process in order to control product quality and traceability, thereby ensuring the production of reliable products that comply with the design specifications and the clients’ requirements.

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