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      4. Jan 17, 2017

        Senior-Level Positions

        PEGATRON is a company with strong DMS experience, a blueprint aiming to shine in the innovation technology industry, and are rapidly expanding in the global market. This is the stage which belongs to you. In our company, we believe that the phenomenal people are what make our company phenomenal; we understand that leadership is the strongest momentum that helps us achieve our goal. Your talent is valuable to us, and if you decide to join us in this wonderful opportunity, we will arrange interviews accordingly to protect your privacy and personal information. For more information please email us at: pegatronhr@pegatroncorp.com

        Mar 08, 2019

        Latest Events

        PEGATRON is the leading brand in its industry; we provide the upmost professional DMS service.  If you are a university graduate and have the eager to succeed, PEGATRON welcomes you to our family. We provide you with personalized training courses, and help you advance in own career. Join us and release your full potential.

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